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KinderArt Preschool Testimonials
KinderArt Preschool Testimonials
“Words are not adequate to describe how I feel about KinderArt, and the exceptional woman behind it, Lisa Reimer. If I were a child again, I would want to go to KinderArt. When your child walks through the front door to begin his/her day, he/she is greeted with hugs and smiles and the most unbelievable warmth. The children are kings and queens. Lisa and her wonderful teachers make each and every child feel special and unique, which is exactly what I, as a parent, want for my child.
KinderArt Preschool Testimonials
I’ve been sending my children to KinderArt for 5 years. As a mom sending her first born off to anywhere for the first time, Lisa held my hand as many times as I needed it while I muddled through all my jitters. When I thought my child was color blind (again, new school mom hysteria), Lisa listened to my anxt and gave me an exercise to do with my daughter, in order to allay my fears. She gently helped me see everything was just fine. Now that daughter, 6 years old, loves going there to drop off her little sister because of the wonderful experience she had when she was there.

I know without any hesitation, reservation, when I say goodbye to my daughter at KinderArt’s door, she is going off into the best environment possible to help her learn what she needs for when she goes to the next level. She’s learning her letters, her numbers, how to write her name, how to get along with others...and all the while she’s being nurtured by the best pre-k teachers on this Island. The teachers are there because they LOVE children and want to help enrich their lives. I can’t say enough wonderful things about KinderArt and hope as parents of pre-k children reading this will not deny your “king” and “queen” the “KinderArt” Experience.”
KinderArt Preschool Testimonials
KinderArt Preschool Testimonials
“Our family has been a Kinderart family for 6 years now and we’ve always been happy with the nurturing and caring environment they provide. The teachers are professional and courteous. They have continually provided my children with the tools they need to succeed once they move on to kindergarten. My youngest, a catapillar, always wants to go to school....a true testament to the fun and learning she enjoys there! We have also made several friends there along the way.”
KinderArt Preschool Testimonials
"Kinderart is a wonderful preschool program. Since our first visit and all throughout the school year, we have been welcomed by such a warm and friendly staff. My daughter loves coming to school, and wishes she could come more often. Nothing speaks louder about the quality of a preschool program, than by how welcomed and happy a child feels going there. And as a military family, moving so frequently, my husband and I had such peace of mind, to find a program we trusted, being new to the area when we arrived. We are so grateful we found Kinderart!"
KinderArt Preschool Testimonials
"We considered writing to you about how loving an environment KinderArt is, how much each child is individually appreciated from the moment they walk in to the time they leave, or how the children LOVE "going to school" at KinderArt. Yes, all of this is part of KinderArt and is very important to us. Yet, what we’ve also found is our boys have not been sick since they started attending KinderArt two months ago. It is a VERY clean and healthy environment for our boys to learn about their world and enjoy time with their friends."
KinderArt Preschool Testimonials
"Marielle enjoyed BOTH the 2009 Summer program with Ms. Stephanie and her school experiences. She currently is in the Little Lambs class with Ms. Patty and Ms. Becky. KinderArt has been WONDERFUL to us.

We are a Navy family so moving around and finding a new, safe, happy, engaging place for my children is always a priority and can be a difficulty. KinderArt was recommended to me by some other military spouses and I am SO GLAD I took the recommendation.

I love the fact that there is a 2-3 year old class where the child DOES NOT have to be potty trained. Marielle was able to learn how to use the potty on her own time. She loves her friends, loves her teachers. The facility is great, great, great!!!!! I wish we were staying longer so Marielle could continue on at this great school. I only hope that we can find a preschool just as fantastic as Kinderart.

Your teachers are great. Everyone is nice and I truly can rest easy knowing that my child is being engaged, stimulated, well treated and just plain old having a good day. If I meet any other military spouses moving to Rhode Island I will without hesitation recommend KinderArt to them!"
KinderArt Preschool Testimonials
"Being a Navy family, our children have been in childcare and preschools all over the country. Hands down, Kinderart has the friendliest and most fun environment! The teachers are extremely thoughtful and our children absolutely love going to school. Kinderart feels like a family and that warmth helped our children transition during this military move beautifully. We highly recommend Kinderart!"
KinderArt Preschool Testimonials

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